New Caledonia in solidarity

With the horrifying events this last week in France, New Caledonia has stood in solidarity with France. Within hours of the news on Thursday morning our time, 1,000 people met at the Place des Cocotiers to express their shock, pain, disbelief and solidarity with the victims, and with France. Others gathered throughout the day throughout New Caledonia.

It is very hard for those of us who have friends and family in Paris and France as we text, Skype and email our support, our love and our encouragements back 22,000 kilometres – and harder still for those in France. Facebook and Twitter feeds document living with sirens, terror in unexpected alarms, deep sadness during moments of silence, anger at such dramatic and sudden loss, a complete defense of freedom of expression.

Photo Victor Raison, Les Nouvelles calédoniennes

Photo Victor Raison, Les Nouvelles calédoniennes

At least 1 million people are expected to march in Paris today in solidarity against this week’s terrorist attacks in the city. New Caledonia will be with them, among but many around the world. 1 million will march. How many millions will be there in heart, mind and spirit?