New Caledonia recycles: Nearly 100 tons collected in 6 months

The following article is a translation of the original article printed in Les Nouvelles Calédoniennes, 14 July 2014. I was encouraged by this news and had to share it with you. For those of you who live in countries that have been recycling for years already, know that recycling is very new in New Caledonia.

Photo by Antoine Pecquet, LNC

Photo by Antoine Pecquet, LNC

Installed in December 2013, the 32 voluntary collection points have reached their first evaluation period. The municipality is satisfied with the collection of paper and aluminum in particular. The CaledoClean Association is less enthusiastic.

After 6 months in operation, the city of Nouméa sees its voluntary collection points more than half full. “Depending on the neighborhood, the points vary between 50% to 90% full,” says Françoise Suvé, responsible for the environment. As a reminder, each collection point has two columns. One collects newspapers and magazines, the other aluminum cans.  The programme cost 22 million CFP (€184,360 or AUD 265,472) and  its operating costs per year is estimated at 12 million CFP (€100,560 or AUD 144,802). In 6 months, Nouméens have thrown away nearly 100 tons of recyclable waste, collected by Pacific Star and processed by CSP Fidelio, under the responsibility of the Intercommunal Association of Greater Nouméa. For the CaledoClean Association, which argues in favour of a more environmentally responsible company, it’s better late than never. “The collection points represent progress,” observed Bizien Thibaut, President of CaledoClean, “but with a huge delay in the local aluminum recycling industry, which is 20 years old.” The ecologist also points to the limitation of the programme to just paper and aluminum. “Fortunately, private initiatives have already been taken, like collecting plastic bottle caps by the Association for the Protection of Nature in New Caledonia (ASNNC), and used batteries by Trecodec.”

Contributions. Even though the programme has had a variable success rate depending on neighbourhood, the city dismisses the idea that ecologically responsible behavior is related to soci0-economic background. “People are participating in Ducos and Riviere Salee as much as they are in southern Noumea,” says David Boyer, Head of the Urban Cleanliness. “We need to refine the results,” says Françoise Suvé, “to determine why some collection points work better than others.” Among the possible explanations, good habits are already in place. “Where the SIC have already established collection points, as in Tuband, people will contribute less to our collection points,” thinks Ms. Suvé. With regard to public incivility, despite three fires and graffiti, Noumea is far from the fiasco seen in Paita, where test collection points had to be removed after being turned into dumps. “Our officers check the collection points each morning. If there is garbage within 15 meters, it is removed. And we have a person responsible for the anti-graffiti campaign on the collection points. We allow no damage to get installed or remain,” says David Boyer.

Bins. For the moment, there are no plans to increase the number of collection points in Nouméa. However, new additional paper and aluminum collection points will be installed at 2 new landfills, promised to open in September, at Magenta and 6eme Kilometre. Co-financed by the city, ADEME and the Southern Province, the equipment will be modeled on the collection points at Ducos and managed, as those are, by CSP Fidelio and will receive all non-household waste. By investing more than 100 million CFP (€838,000 or AUD 1,206,689), the city hopes to improve its environmental protection. Nevertheless, for CaledoClean, the landfills will not solve everything. “Noumea lacks, above all, simple bins in public places,” laments Thibaut Bizien.


One thought on “New Caledonia recycles: Nearly 100 tons collected in 6 months

  1. While living in Japan my wife and I became friends of workers at the Recycling Plant in the western Japan city of Ube – which set award-winning standards for recycling in Japan! Félicitations à Nouvelles Calédonie!

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