Fort Tereka: A worthy excursion

Photo Julie Harris

Photo Julie Harris

June is a beautiful month in New Caledonia. The light sparkles and the temperatures dip slightly to highs of low- to mid-20s (Centigrade). Though we love to get out, we’ve been bound to Nouméa with a broken-down car on the one hand and a new series of positive discipline classes on the other (a very exciting development!). Busy as we’ve been with activities, the 2014 World Cup, preparing classes and school holidays, we were happy to get out to Nouville yesterday and up into nature for the day.

I’ve written about Fort Tereka in the past, but I just wanted to share it briefly again with you. It has become one of our favourite, easy-to-do outings – with just a short walk up to the top of the hill overlooking Kuendu Beach. You can find more about how to get there here. I always recommend walking up, taking a picnic, and enjoying some time up there with the views – of the expanse of blues, the outlying islands, the sailboats and the parachutes.

Photo Laurent Guiader

Photo Laurent Guiader

For those who love or who are just discovering geocaching, there is also a relatively easy-to-find geocache, which is a great way to get the kids out and exploring. They may complain a little about walking up, but it will be well worth the walk up. Take along something to leave behind and a pen, along with your GPS or a phone with the app on it. You won’t be disappointed!

There is also a cave to walk through to the other side (take a torch or a phone with a strong flashlight), cannons and small holding areas or cells to explore. How in the world this was built in 1878 is a mystery to me, but intact it remains. A real treasure for anyone interested in history or the Clash of Clans.

Photo Julie Harris

Photo Julie Harris

If you walk up, you’ll really enjoy the walk down through the forest. There are several paths down (we discovered the Sentier des Legendes on this last trip, quite by mistake) and they are more than do-able for people of all ages. The pedagogical walk is well sign-posted (Sentier pedagogique), is fun for kids and is shaded (as opposed to the walk up, which requires hats and sun screen).

It’s probably 20-30 minutes up, depending on how quickly you walk and 30-60 minutes down (again, depending on how quickly you walk). I always take a camera, a phone and lots of water.

Every time I come back, I feel refreshed and nourished again. So close to Nouméa, and yet so far away in spirit, I really do recommend it for an afternoon, morning or both!

Photo Julie Harris

Photo Julie Harris


11 thoughts on “Fort Tereka: A worthy excursion

      • You’re welcome! Don’t hesitate to comment our posts etc 😉
        Thanks again for talking about us 😉

  1. I met a man named Dan Morrison this weekend at Montparnasse while waiting for a taxi. How small is this world!! Just wanted to say hello!


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  3. Thanks for this ! We visited today after your reading your blog and had a great time – views were stunning. The link you mention on how to get there has expired but we managed to google map Kuendu Beach and ended up okay in the end. We also drove up the very sketchy road to the fort – I think we’ll stick to nature path next time though !

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