New Caledonia today: What would you like to know?

Question mark

Dear readers,

I think about you nearly every day. To write for you, I read the newspapers, I talk to people, I learn about some of you from new acquaintances. I receive emails and comments from you, and am eager to respond. Many of you I don’t know, but hope to hear from, one day or another.

More importantly, I have some idea of what you want to read, know and learn about this fair island, but only some idea. WordPress tells me which keywords you are typing in to find this blog, and I can see which posts are the most popular, but that is all I have.

Can you do me a favor, if you like this blog? Could you take 2 seconds to fill out the poll below? To tell me what you most want to know?

I’m no mind-reader, but with your help, I’ll be a better blogger. If your subject of interest isn’t listed below, please click “Other” and fill in the blank.

Thanks for helping me get you what you are coming for, most days, if not all days. Without you, I am speaking to the void. Like a tree in a forest with no one around, if I fall, will you hear me? My guess is yes, but only if I am answering one of your questions with the fall.


6 thoughts on “New Caledonia today: What would you like to know?

  1. I just stumbled across your new blog and remembered following your old one…interesting to see that you’re back on the island! I left six and a half years ago and never looked back. 🙂

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