The Magic Circus of Samoa comes to Nouméa

Magic Circus of SamoaWhat can you do on a rainy day in Nouméa? Go to the circus!

The Magic Circus of Samoa arrived in Nouméa in mid-November and will be here until 27 January. If you have not already been (and are in New Caledonia, of course), do go along to the bright blue circus tents across from Stade de Magenta. You’ll spend a very enjoyable 2.25 hours, fully wowed and intrigued by a variety of 18 well-timed acts. You’ll see clowns (of course!) to knife-throwing to fire-dancing to candle-burning contortionists to juggling to unicycling to magic.

Magic Circus of SamoaOur 6-year-old loved the fire-dancing best of all – and the clowns (and one particular act with a baby). I couldn’t believe the trapeze artists and my husband thoroughly enjoyed the variety. “What a great idea for a rainy afternoon!” he said. We’d heard that it can get hot under the tent at this time of year, so a rainy day was perfect. But armed with water and a fan (they have fans, but you’re not certain to sit in front of one!), an afternoon or evening at the circus should be just the thing.

Some may be disaapointed that there are no animals (personally, our family likes circuses without animals), but when we looked around at the crowd (the tent seats 500), there was not a single frown (though there were crying babies and toddlers – for whom the show might be a bit long).

The Magic Circus of Samoa, the only Polynesian circus touring the Pacific (and created in 1988), has been coming to New Caledonia since 2005. During this tour (2012-13), it will go to Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, the Salomon Islands, Tahiti, New Caledonia and New Zealand.

This year the show is entirely new and is designed to entertain children and adults alike for the full 2 hours and 15 minutes. With a 15-minute break in the middle to stretch your legs, consume refreshments and buy souvenirs and circus toys (light sabers, for example), everything is planned down to the last minute. (We were impressed with everyone’s impeccable timing and professionalism.)

Composed of just 24 artists and a real circus family at that (which like all great families is sourced from all corners of the world – and in this case 8 different countries), you’ll be amazed at what they can do with the ringmaster, Bruno Loyale’s, direction and guidance. We were. Just hold onto your children – unless you’re ready and willing to see them run off to join the Magic Circus of Samoa!

Magic Circus of SamoaShow days and times

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7pm

Saturdays at 2pm and 7pm

Sundays at 2pm and 5:30pm

Special shows are planned for Christmas and New Year’s (consult for more information)

Other dates are planned for Koumac, Koné, Poindimié, Hienghene, Bourail and La Foa.


Adults: 1900 CFP (VIP + 200 CFP)

Children under 13: 900 CFP (VIP + 200 CFP)

What is VIP? Seats placed right in front of the stage (we recommend them, for great visibility and for those who do not want to be called up on stage).


2 thoughts on “The Magic Circus of Samoa comes to Nouméa

  1. Noone should be dissapointed when circus has no animals. It´s wide known nowadays how badly circus animals are treated. So, I´m very glad that there are great circuses where people show their talent and don´t abuse animals. I hope to see this show one day 🙂

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