The beauty of this place

It was a day just like any other. The day before it had rained all day. Today, the sun shone and most of Nouméa was quiet. It was a holiday (Assumption, a Catholic holiday) and many businesses were closed. After a wonderful lunch (more on this later), we decided to take in the views in Nouméa, stroll along the beaches and make some new discoveries. Here were some of the sights from our wander up Oeun Toro and along one of the many beaches:

Oeun Toro – From here, stunning views of Nouméa, the lagoon, the islets and paragliders. One of my favourite places to gaze out and down. The range of blues and greens gets me every time!

Winter in Noumea

Paragliding, sailing and kitesurfing – today we saw all three. On a winter’s day in Nouméa. In the “warmer” months (November-March), we will see windsurfing, biking, running, swimming and more.

Sitting with friends, as the sun set later today, we marvelled at our good fortune. To see these views, to be surrounded by such light and colour, to live in this magical place. The very least we can do is share it with you, these views, our humble (in)sights.


2 thoughts on “The beauty of this place

  1. Ouen Toro was one of my favorite spots too. You’ve inspired me to finally get the pictures from my trip online…maybe tonight…

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