Sojourn in the South Pacific: Part 2

A few nights ago, we arrived at Tontouta International Airport. Having travelled on 7 planes over 4 days, it had been a gruelling trip from the United States, via Paris and Seoul.

Today, we managed to set up 3G access on the iPad, having opened a bank account our second working day on the island (a small miracle in itself as among other things, the last three bank statements for our previous account in Europe were required).

We were here 5 years ago and wrote about our adventures then at Sojourn in the South Pacific. We wondered, upon arriving, what if anything had changed. Turns out, a fair bit has. This blog will recount our adventures in New Caledonia today. What is it like here, now? Has this “Paris of the Pacific” been tainted by tourism, crime, and modern-day life? Is it one of the world’s last hold-outs against consumerism, over-mediatisation and always-on connection addiction?

Read on to find out – and please be patient in these early days, as blogging on an iPad  presents its own technological challenges (photos and fancy design will come as soon as we can get Internet access via a laptop/PC)!


7 thoughts on “Sojourn in the South Pacific: Part 2

    • Am looking forward to a little live-reporting, just for you, Sharon! As I walk around the city, and especially in front of the local museum (next to the post office), I think of you. We are a stone’s throw from the market and the museum, right behind the music conservatory, if that helps. Yes?

      • I know just where you are! I love the market. My favorite museum, however, is the Musée de la Ville de Nouméa (well, maybe next to the Tjibaou). My dream job would be the directorship of that museum. 🙂 There’s also a new museum being planned (to be housed in a quonset hut) dedicated to the American presence during WWII. My other dream project is to do an oral history with war brides and families in the US to contribute to that project. If only I had infinite resources and time!

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